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Fresh Pizza

Med. 12”
X-Lg. 16”
XX-Lg. 18”
Giant 20”

Tomato & Cheese










Toppings Include :- Pepperoni • Green Peppers • Black Olives • Mushrooms • Onion • Pineapple • Meat Sauce • Green Olives • Spinach • Feta Cheese • Jalapenos • Bacon • Ham • Anchovies • Broccoli • Italian Sausage • Extra Cheese

Specialty Pizza

Med. 12" X-Lg. 16"

All Meat Pizza (Med) $12.99 (X-Lg) $15.99

Prime quality ham, pepperoni, ground beef, Italian sausage, & bacon.

Veggie Pizza (Med) $11.99 (X-Lg) $14.99

Red onion, green pepper, mushrooms, black olives, green olives & tomatoes.

The Works (Med) $13.99 (X-Lg) $16.99

Fresh mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, black & green olives, beef, pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon and ham.

White Pizza (Med) $9.99 (X-Lg) $11.99

A pizza without the pizza sauce! Touch of garlic sauce and our special cheese blend, sprinkled with oregano and parmesan.

Sicilian Square Pan Pizza (Med) $12.99 (X-Lg) $15.99

Filippo's Delight (Med) $12.99 (X-Lg) $15.99

Prime quality ham, pepperoni, ground beef, onions, fresh mushrooms and fresh chopped green peppers.

Hawaiian Pizza (Med) $11.99 (X-Lg) $14.99

Prime quality ham, slightly sauteed pineapple, topped with our special cheese blend.

Hawaiian BBQ Pizza (Med) $12.99 (X-Lg) $15.99

Chicken hickory smoked BBQ sauce, red onions, chopped cilantro and pineapple.

Original BBQ Pizza (Med) $11.99 (X-Lg) $14.99

Chicken, hickory smoked BBQ sauce, red oinons, & chopped cilantro

Italian Vegan (Med) $12.99 (X-Lg) $14.99

Spinach, red onions, green peppers, black and green olives fresh mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes.

Spicy Chipotle (Med) $11.99 (X-Lg) $14.99

Monterey jack cheese, chipotle adobo sauce, green peppers, cilantro & roasted corn with bean salsa.

Habanero Carnita (Med) $12.99 (X-Lg) $15.99

Slow-roasted pulled pork, red onions and our own cilantro pesto. Served with seriously spicy habanero salsa.

Meat Craver Thin Crust (Med) $12.99 (X-Lg) $15.99

Pepperoni, premium ham, bacon, Italian sausage, ground beef and extra cheese.

Tostada (Med) $12.99 (X-Lg) $15.99

Our signature crust layered with black beans, chicken, melted cheddar and monterey jack topped with crisp lettuce, tortilla strips and ranch dressing. Served with Filippo's salsa.

Sicilian Pizza (Med) $11.99 (X-Lg) $14.99

Thin crust with marinara sauce, topped with cappicola ham, mozzarella cheese, parmesan, basil and oregano.

jamaican Jerk Pizza (Med) $12.99 (X-Lg) $15.99

Sweet caribbean sauce, authentic jamaican spices, chicken, bacon, red onions and bell peppers.

Stromboli $6.99

Extra Topping For Stromboli $0.99